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Timelapse 5.6K ­resized to HD

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  • Added: 20/06/2011
Shot on Canon 5DMK2 with Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 @ wide 14mm FF35mm zoom lens. The footage then was saved in 5.6K (5616x3744) 16bit TIFFs from the original 5.6K CR2 RAW files and then was rescaled to HD widescreen @ 1920x800px of 2.40 ratio. Also the second part of the timelapse is a crop of 1920x800px from center of the original 5.6k widescreen 2.40 ratio file. BS shots from The Timelapse in Belvedere Gardens Vienna 01 can be seen on the Flickr:​photos/​sanjinjukic/​5831555145/​in/​set-72157626958715634/
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