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"In Love" music ­video with Digital­ Harinezumi 2+++ ­(triple plus) by ­Manolis Moumouzias

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  • Added: 14/05/2011
"In Love" by Manolis Moumouzias. Written, arranged and produced by Manolis Moumouzias. All instruments by Manolis Moumouzias. Shot entirely with Digital Harinezumi 2+++ (Triple Plus). Edited with Apple's Final cut Express. © 2011 Manolis Moumouzias. All rights reserved. Get this music @​track/​in-love When I was writing "In Love", I fell in love with... Digital Harinezumi Camera. Creating warm, dreamy and surprising videos, the tiny Harinezumi (about the size of a 110 film camera) by Superheadz was inspired by the Super 8mm silent film of the '60s and '70s. After completing the song's recording, I started testing this am… More
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