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How Far We've ­Come:: Camp Rock ­1 & 2 (longer ­preview)

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  • Added: 04/05/2011
I know I know, just post the full thing why don't ya?! PLEASE READ :D haha. well I haven't gotten that finished yet and I just wanted to post what I've gotten so far. I'm gonna be doing it to the whole song so I can get at much in as possible, and the first chorus will be Camp Rock and the next will be Camp Rock 2. But I was scanning YT today and I found 2 videos similar to the first preview I posted and I was sorta like whoa. It's just I've been thinking of doing a video like this even before I saw CR2 so I just don't want to make it look like I'm copying someone else's cause I'm not. But enough with that and all, I should probably get back … More
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