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Dayna ­Kempson-Schacht's ­Accident Death ­Video

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  • Added: 14/03/2012
Click on - FREE to watch Dayna Kempson-Schacht's Accident Death Video Dayna Kempson Schacht video shows horrible crash Video The death of 23 years old Dayna Kempson Schacht happened in a violent car crash on the 17th of July 2010. Exactly two months after the tragic death of Dayna Kempson Schacht, her father, Jeff Schacht, received a video on his cell phone that showed the exact happenings in the after math of the terrible crash that claimed his daughter's life. The Dayna Kempson Schacht car crash video also showed the severed body of the beautiful girl at the scene. There are two voices accompanying the Dayna Kempson Schacht video in which one is instructing the other to flash … More
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